The deadline for abstract submission is: Monday, June 10, 2019
The deadline for abstract evaluation results is: Monday, July 22, 2019



Guidelines for submission

Proceed as follows:

  1. To send your abstract it’s necessary that the author responsible for the submission be registered in the event. It is not necessary to make the payment. This may be done after the disclosure of the acceptance of your summary. The remaining authors who enroll themselves in the congress shall not send the same summary.
  2. The abstract must be sent exclusively through the Congress website.
  3. Access the restricted area, supplying your registered login and password during the enrollment. New menus shall be shown.
  4. Click in the “My Abstracts” menu.
  5. Follow the screen instructions to access the summary submission form. Fill in every field of the online form.
  6. Choose the type of presentation – Oral Presentation OR Poster Presentation.
  7. Before submitting the summary, kindly revise it carefully. Occasional amendments shall be allowed only up to the final deadline for the remittance of the summaries.

    The author responsible for the submission shall fill up all the fields in the online form. All the communication referring to the scientific papers shall only be sent to this author by the enrolled e-mail and he or she shall assume the role of transferring it to the coauthors.

  8. After ending the submission of the summaries, click in the “Disconnect” button.
  9. After the summary submission it shall be sent an automatic e-mail to the author responsible for its remittance, confirming the enrolled information. Check whether all information is correct. In case they are not you must access your restricted area and make the changed until the deadline submission.
  10.  In case you do not receive the automatic e-mail in the same day confirming the remittance, the summary might not have been sent correctly. In this case, contact us informing the event and the occurred problem. It is suggested as well that you check the SPAM box of your e-mail.
  11. For new accesses to the web, it suffices to inform USERNAME and PASSWORD. In case you have forgotten it, use the option “Remember Password”.



The submitting author should choose one of the topics below:

» Epidemiology and MRI
» Immunology, basic science and clinical findings
» MS treatment and multidisciplinary care

The Scientific Committee reserves the right to reassign submitted themes as per its discretion.

Important Informationn

• English is The official language of the Congress.
• The paper must be sent in English. Papers submitted in other languages won’t be considered.
• The deadline for submission of the summaries is: Monday, June 10, 2019
• To receive the certificate after the event, one of the listed authors must have been enrolled and having participated on the event.
• There are no limits of authors per abstract. Please list the authors in the desired order;
• There is no limit of abstracts submitted by the author;

IMPORTANT: The presenter must also be included in the authors’ list!

• The result of the works shall be released in the author’s restricted area, in the menu “My Abstracts” on Monday, July 22, 2019.
• The responsible for the remittance of the work, after obtaining the approval of the latter, must confirm the payment of his or her enrollment up to 30/07/2019. The presentation must be made by the individual indicated by the time of the submission of the work. If it is not possible, another author of the work may undertake the presentation, as long as he or she is enrolled in the event and made the payment of the enrollment fee.
Attention: all the material produced about the summaries (annals, certificate, amongst others) shall be a faithful reproduction of the information submitted by the author. Therefore, it is not possible to proceed to amendments as to the spelling of the heading, summary or authors after the submission deadline. We emphasize that the supplied information are a full responsibility of the author who submits the abstract.
The amounts with discount shall respect the dates of the ‘Enrollment fees’ table available in the event site, regardless of the approval date of the works. To ensure the payment with discount it is necessary to respect the dates as described in such table. There shall be no reimbursement of the paid enrollment amounts in case of in the Congress.
• The final decision of the evaluation commission is considered final, irrevocable and non-appealable, which shall not be revised.  
• By submitting the works, the authors assume the compliance of the legislations and ethical rules which govern the research with human beings and animals, therein included the approval by the Ethical Committees in Research and on Clinical Ethics on Researches on Animals.
• The Congress organizing commission shall not be responsible for the enrollment costs, transportation, hotel fees or other generated costs for the presentation of works in any modality.
The remittance of the summary represents a commitment of the author(s) to submit the work, if accepted, during the BTRIMS 2019.


Guidelines for preparation of the summaries

• The heading must be concise and reflect the study to be presented.

• The summary text cannot exceed 3000 characters (not including title and filiation) with spaces, limit of 150 characters for the title.

• The abstract shall be typed in a single body, being mandatory for the author to follow the sequence: Introduction, Objective, Method, Results and Conclusion; this determination is not applied for Case Reports/Clinical Cases.

• The Poster with case reports must be structured into:

• Case presentation, Discussion and Final Comments. It shall not be included bibliographical references. Considering that the case reports contribute in an important stance for the exchange of experience among the professionals, the Commission recommends that it is sent only reports of common cases with atypical evolution or of really rare cases, which do have important relevance.

• The institution or institutions wherein the work was performed, as well as the names of the authors MUST NOT be mentioned in the body of the text.

• The content of the abstract must be associated to the chosen topic.

• It shall not be allowed tables, pictures, figures, illustrations, footnotes.

• Results based in statements such as “results will be presented” and or  “data shall be analyzed” shall not be considered. These must be expounded in the clearest way possible and the conclusions must be based in the submitted data. In such case, the authors must present preliminary results, or clearly inform whether it is an ongoing study, for instance.  Likewise, it shall not be accepted papers whose results, of one same work, are pulverized in different submissions.

• Case reports without clear originality and relevance which justify their presentation shall not be accepted. Also works which contain only literature review shall be refused.

• Commercial names are not allowed, only the generic names of the drugs, written in lowercase.


Instructions to the Approved Abstracts

The oral presentation shall be made without fail in 10 minutes followed by 5 minutes of discussion. In case none of the authors show up in the event, the presentation shall be cancelled and it shall not be issued a presentation certificate.
The presenter must prepare his or her presentation through slides (PowerPoint) and show up 1 hour in advance at the Media Desk/ VIP Room to save the archive in the system.

Information on the day and time of the presentation shall be made available in the restricted area of the main author previously stipulated in the congress scientific schedule.

The best abstracts will be selected for oral presentation and will be competing for the Awards.


  • MEASUREMENTS FOR THE PREPARATION OF THE POSTER: 1.20 (one meter and twenty centimeters) of HEIGHT x 0.90 (ninety centimeters) of WIDTH



  • The posters shall be affixed in the places determined by the organizing commission of the event, on a pre-determined day and time by the judging commission.
  • Bring in a rope or adhesive tape for affixation of the poster, as these shall not be made available in the site.
  • The panel number is available in its restricted area in the “Presentation” field. Such number is very important for based on it, you will know where to affix your poster in the place of the event.
  • The Scientific Committee will designate the Judging Commission which shall visit the expounded works, being necessary the presence of one of the authors in the stipulated time for the presentation. The works shall be presented on the established date and time, not being allowed changes.
  • The non-withdrawn posters within the determined period by the event organization shall be discarded.
  • The preparation of the printed poster is a responsibility of the author who shall expose during the event.
  • If none of the authors attend the event, the presentation will be canceled and the certificate will not be issued.

Time for presentation of the poster: 3 minutes and 2 minutes for discussion. 

Those responsible for the posters must be available, beside their respective posters, so they can be questioned about their work. In the absence of the presenter, the approved work may be presented by one of its authors.

Presentation tips

• Present your abstract objectively using the time allowed;
• Emphasize the objetives;
• Do not detail the methodology;
• Summarize the results;
• Emphasize the conclusions;
• Answer the questions from the Panel of experts and the audience cordially.

Posters Exhibition Schedule


  • Aluízio Marques Award
  • Roberto Melaragno Filho Award
  • Gilberto Belisário Award
  • Young Brazilian Researcher Award



All presented abstracts will be available at official website congress.


After the end of the Congress it shall be granted an online certificate of the work as approved to the author responsible for the submission of the abstract in the site. To print or to make the download, the congress participant must access the “Certificate” area, located in the initial page of the congress, insert the registered e-mail and fill in the “Satisfaction Survey”.
Important: the certificates are not directly sent to the congress participant’s e-mail.

  • Will be issued only 1 (one) certificate per submitted paper. The certificate shall be printed following the enrolled order of authors.
  • At least one of the authors must be show up in the event in order to receive the certificate afterwards.

In case the author responsible for the submission not shown up in the event, one of the co-authors (who showed up and exposed the paper) may request the certificate transfer by contact us throught the e-mail or Help Desk menu.

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